The internet is an amazing tool, group of tools, device, project, toy, etc. The only problem is, there's just too much information out there now. 

It used to be that the hardest part of learning was finding the book(s) that had what you needed to know. Now that the internet has exploded onto the public scene, some information is still tough to find, but it's hard to compare getting frustrated because a search engine wasn't producing the right results with going down to the library and getting frustrated because the books you need are checked out, or the information isn't there or isn't what you expected, or the library is "closed for the winter holidays."

The difference is striking.

Now, the most difficult part of learning is often how to sort the flood of answers to your questions. What sources really know what they're talking about? What ones know just as much as you do and are really just trying to sell you something? The latter becomes truly important as information--or content--gets closer to "free" and "instantly available" while resources are still expended in order to gather information. If someone is going to give you free advice they probably also want to sell you a tool to use their advice with.

The other interesting consequence of the free flow of information is that schools are beginning to emphasize learning concepts versus "memorization." A second grader can bring a calculator to class and blaze through those multiplication tables. A person with a PDA doesn't need to remember phone numbers, appointments, birthdays, etc. anymore. Which almost brings me to my point.

In the customer service industry there is a thing called a "knowledge base." It's a database that holds customer service issues and possible resolutions to those issues so that the customer service representative doesn't have to have the answer to every question on the tip of his/her tongue. I wanted to build one for me, because sometimes I want to remember something I learned and I know that if I just refreshed my memory a little bit then everything would come flooding back.

But then I discovered this place, which essentially does most of the work for me, and now I'm much happier.

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