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turn"down' (?), n.
  1. Nonacceptance
  2. the act of refusing an offer; "the turndown was polite but very firm."
Source: WordNet® 1.7.1, ©2002 Princeton University.

Turndown has several other uses as a noun, according to numerous dictionary sources (such as Webster's post-1913 additions, and others) that can not be quoted verbatim here. To paraphrase, they include:

  1. the act of rejection (same meaning as the WordNet entry)
  2. someone or something that has been turned down or rejected
  3. something that is turned or folded down, such as a garment or bed linens
  4. a garment designed to be worn with the upper part folded down, like the collar
  5. a downturn (I believe this usage has a slightly different shade of meaning, but there you go)
Adjective forms include:
  1. having the capability of being, or intended to be folded or turned down: a turndown collar
  2. possessing the ability to be turned down or reduced (with regard to electricity); for example, an incandescent light fixture with a dial that varies available voltage: a turndown lamp
This word is also used in turndown service, a term that applies to the hospitality industry. It describes the act of preparing a made bed for its occupant. This commonly involves folding down the upper corner or top part of the bed's top sheet, blanket(s) and comforter to facilitate easy access. Other amenities are usually included, most notable of which is the placing of mints on the pillows. This luxury is only found at very high-class establishments: If you are staying at a hotel or bed and breakfast that includes turndown service, you're definitely paying for it. I would imagine it's quite nice.

Turn"down` (?), a.


Capable of being turned down; specif. (Elec.),

designating, or pertaining to, an incandescent lamp with a small additional filament which can be made incandescent when only a small amount of light is required.


Made to wear with the upper part turned down; as, a turndown collar.


© Webster 1913

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