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A perfume is a mixture of fragrant oils, compounds and solvent which gives out a pleasant smell. It has the highest concentration of essential oils containing 20%-50% perfume compound. It is the strongest and longest lasting.

Eau de Parfum comes in second in concentration. It is an alcoholic perfume solution containing 10 to 15% perfume compound.

Eau de Toilette, An alcohol/water based perfume solution containing 3 to 8 % perfume compound.

Eau de Cologne There are different types for men and women. Men's are more concentrated with 5%-8% compared with the lighter form of women's cologne which only has 3% concentration of perfume compound in an alcohol water base.

They are bottled in colourful and creatively designed beautiful exquisite bottles which have their own themes. Many celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, David Beckham, Hilary Duff,Maria Sharapova,Gwen Stefani,Kate Moss and many many more have created their own line of perfumes. So have famous clothing brands such as Gucci, Armani, Chanel, Adidas,Hugo Boss,Guess, Yves Saint Laurent,Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Dolce and Gabbana.
Among cosmetic brands which have created fragrances are Lancome and Elizabeth Arden


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