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Rarrrgh! Typos! SMASH TYPOS! *noises of: hammers, saws, heavy things falling down, and a gratuitously scalded cat running for safety*. This is the usergroup for Typo Death Squad. There's really no traffic here, but the communication channel is primed and ready for THE REVOLUTION! And pie and birthday parties and such.

Venerable members of this group:

loquacious, 00100, bane221, belgand, caknuck, call, DrSeudo, e-hadj, Excalibur, fuzzy and blue, haze, ideath, isogolem, jmn32, Jurph, morven, ocelotbob, Oolong@+, Plasma, Rational Bastard, shallot, SharQ, sloebertje, TheChronicler, Trina, volfied, Wiccanpiper, wrinkly, novasoy
This group of 29 members is led by loquacious