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Simply, too much order. Order that inhibits human thought or creativity. Ant-like conformity, sterility and rigidness. Unnecessary order that dose not serve to simplify life and yield clarity, but rather, traps its victims in a Byzantine structure of rules and procedures that make thinking outside the box nearly impossible.

People who suffer from obsessive compulsive disorders, anorexia, or who are perfectionists may find themselves entangled in a self imposed Tyranny of order:

"I'm hungry, but I cannot eat until I exercise for 50 minutes, I cannot exercise until I have washed my running closes, I cannot wash my running clothes until I've washed all of my clothes, I cannot wash my clothes until I've cleaned my apartment, I cannot clean my apartment until I've copied my notes from class three times, I cannot copy my notes until I've emptied and cleaned my school bag, I cannot . . . ."

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