all senses stimulated, nearly sensory overload, creates ecstatic feeling throughout.
ie. feeling music while hearing it, seeing it, touching it (grasping the energy surrounding one in dance), tasting it (okay, so that's a little abstract, but possible).

My friend and I were lounging around one day and came up with a game. We wrote down random words and phrases and put them in a bag. We then picked two random words/phrases and had to write a little story about the two words/phrases. Here is one of the stories I wrote.... (beware, it's a little flowery)

Piano & Ultimate Sense Sensation Stimulation

The crimson satin curtain unveiled a vision in artistic mastery. Majestic hologram gardens of exotic decadence. Eyes transfigured by morphing flowers as the light alters. Each millisecond contains a new perspective. What the eyes see, the mind is exploring. When the sight becomes so powerful that one nearly closes their eyes, the scent is released. Smoke of vanilla, then spritzes of lemon - every breath captures a new fragrance. Fruit is passed to the lovers. With each lick, bite, chew, they rise to a higher level. Until then, they were deprived of sound. An otherwordly musician begins to caress the piano keys, flowing music enters the mind of the observers. Overwhelmed and in a trance state they soar. Drugged by feeling - this state of ultimate sense sensation stimulation -they begin to explore each other's bodies. Delicate motions become intense and heavy - flowing, experimenting, knowing nothing but expression of the soul, they discover the true energy self.

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