A veshch to dyelly with your droogs after peeting some moloko-plus with vellocet at the Korova. Might involve taking a nozh to some starry ptitsa or busting a govvy drunk's gulliver.

See: A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess, nadsat.

A difficulty level in Doom and Doom 2. Right between "Hurt Me Plenty" and "Nightmare". The best mode to play if you wanna IDDQD yourself and frag some imps. Nightmare doesn't allow cheats.

UltraViolence is fun to play on if you have beaten Unreal on "unreal" difficulty because for some reason it's harder then "unreal" is in Unreal. I think it's because the enemies respawn faster and also come in LARGE numbers.

Also an industrial/gabba group headed by (or rather, pretty much consisting of) a man called Johnny Violent. His real name is Johnathan Casey, but it doesn't sound as scary. Typically 200 bpm, this music hurts your head if you fall asleep listening to it. NME called Ultraviolence 'the most unlistenable-to band on the planet'. An excellent accolade. As Johnny Violent, he released 'Shocker', an album full of witty gabba (is there such a thing? Listen to E-heads Must Die and Johnny Is a Bastard, and of course there is a sampling of Van Halen's 'Jump' in the mix at some point). 'Burn Out', the final track, is ever-increasing bpm, finishing with 2,000,000 bpm. It hurts.

Ultraviolence Discography :

  • Life of Destructor (1994), contains the classic 'Hardcore Motherf**ker'
  • Psychodrama (1995)
  • Killing God

there is also

  • Heaven is Oblivion (single)
  • I, Destructor (remixes)
  • Paranoid (single

I would recommend Life of Destructor as a first-time album to get, Joan and Hardcore Motherf**ker being by far the best tracks. You can also find out about them from www.earache.com, their record label, and also download stuff from emusic.com.

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