Here's how to use eBay to build a great CD collection (cheap!):
  1. Decide what you want. A good search to see a broad cross section of artists and titles available is "cent CD -software."
  2. Once you've selected a title, go to and determine the price of a new one. Even if it is out of print, Amazon will usually give you a price. DO NOT pay more on eBay than that price. (You'd be amazed how many people do!)
  3. Determine how much you're willing to pay, including shipping costs. (A good way to find out the going rate for something on eBay is to search completed auctions. You'll get the results of auctions which ended in the past 30 days.)
  4. Go back to eBay and search for the item. Get a whole list of available auctions; don't just bid on the first one you find. Look at each auction's stated shipping cost and the feedback rating of the seller. Sometimes professional and reliable customer service is more important than a few quarters.
  5. Make a proxy bid, meaning, bid the maximum you are willing to pay for the item. You won't necessarily have to pay that much. If someone else outbids you, forget that particular listing. Do another search a few days later and find more copies of the CD to bid on. Keep at it until you get the CD at your price.
This method requires patience and a bit of research, but I usually get the CDs I want for $5 or less, plus or minus shipping.

Another feature which will save time is the "Personal Shopper." eBay will send you e-mail whenever new auctions that meet your search criteria are added. You can keep a search active for up to 90 days. If you don't get the CD after 90 days, you're probably just too cheap!

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