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She comes into the restaurant, face reddened from the wind, matching the bright crimson scarf around her neck. Dark coat buttoned tight, she squints as she searches the crowd, then finds me and smiles-quick steps to me and a warm embrace. A quick peck on the cheek, but I hold tight and pull the scarf away from her neck and kiss the warm skin underneath. Briefly.

I come into the room and she is cooking. On her way to a dinner out she wears a sparkly dress and shiny special occasion shoes. To prevent spills she is protected by a bright pink Hello Kitty apron. I admire the sight and hold her around the waist as she spills the marinara sauce on the stove. She winces and I laugh. Sometime you need to wear this apron in a different room, you know?
She elbows me away without comment, but she is smiling.

We are walking down the sidewalk and she is holding my arm, dodging the glare of street lights and windblown plastic bags. We are heading home after a movie and she is colder than she needs to be because she decided her sweater would be enough. It's not. Eventually she pulls herself next to me and slides under my long coat so we are sharing it-walking under it like a bad horse act in a vaudeville show.
"next time will ya wear a coat," I ask...face next to hers. What, and miss doing this?she replies-still full of shivers.

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