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Vegecyber is a vegetarian grocery store in New York City run by Chinese Buddhists. It's the best source of fake meat I have ever encountered, and is located on Centre Street on the north edge of Chinatown in Manhattan. I believe they are affiliated with the House of Vegetarian, a popular place to get well-prepared facsimiles of familiar Chinese food.

One popular Vegecyber product is veggie ham, which my husband is wild about and I think is just okay. My favorite item that I've tried so far is vegetarian beef jerky, which I think is made of TVP and is chewy, spicy and sweet enough to almost satsify a carnivorous craving. Their selection is really quite comprehensive, including imitations of almost every kind of animal product you can think of, including squid,chicken, fish balls (like you would find in noodle soup), even vegetarian steamed pork buns. I've never seen a wider selection of TVP shapes.

Vegecyber also has a website where you can order their products, which is an absolute godsend to vegetarian types living outside of a major Buddhist population center.

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