Venti is also trademarked by Starbucks, a terribly corporatized coffee shop chain based out of Seattle.

How they managed to trademark this word to be used as a name for their twenty ounce drink is beyond comprehension. Maybe the government workers (workers? haha) at the USPTO forgot about the Italian language for a day...

In Canada, all Starbucks venti drinks are 24 ounces. This has been known to cause recipe difficulties, as well as expectation difficulties, between Canada and the U.S.

To the best of my knowledge, the Starbucks Venti is twenty fluid ounces everywhere. Here in the UK, that makes it the same as a pint, but I understand that a US pint is only sixteen ounces - a Starbucks Grande. As for the trademark issue, it's highly likely that they only hold the copyright for the purposes of selling their excellent, if costly, coffee. I could produce a software package called Venti, or a car (if Fiat haven't got it for that purpose) - but not a coffee.

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