A vertical loop is a classic element of modern steel coasters, and one wooden coaster to date: the Son of Beast at Paramount’s King’s Island. The concept of a vertical loop is to create a head over heels effect for coaster riders and usually is accompanied by OTSRs (over the shoulder restraints).

Largest Vertical Loops
(list compiled to the best of available information. This list is not to be taken as the correct "world's largest loop" list but just some of them. Infinite controversy will always exist with roller coaster buffs about the true "tallest/largest vertical loop" list.)

The first vertical loops were actual circles and were dangerous to riders. In 1901 Edward Prescott elongated the vertical loop when he built Loop-the-Loop at Coney Island. In 1975, the modern vertical loop first appeared. It manifested in the creation of The Great American Revolution at Six Flags Magic Mountain. The coaster, now called simply Revolution, used a clothoid loop or a Schwarzkopf loop, named for its designer Anton Schwarzkopf. The vertical loop has since evolved to be present in a number of modern coaster concepts including, but not limited to: inverted, stand-up, and Flying Dutchman.

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