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Among Rocky Horror fans a video virgin is someone who has never seen the film in a theater with audience participation and a live cast. Such a person is distinguished from the true virgin in that they've seen it on video or television before (any non-theater viewing being termed "masturbation").

Nonetheless they will often be brought up to the front of the theater before the film and subjected to a mildly humiliating initiation. While this is never a strict requirement nervous virgins are often coerced by their non-virgin friends into going up. Various songs of a humorous and often sexual nature are common, as are pledges. Having a red balloon held between the legs popped with teeth has also been reported. Initiations are always done in good fun and in my experience a few regulars often go back to participate again at least once. Some areas instead auction off the virgins to audience members, usually for joke, immaterial, or nonsensical items.

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