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Hello to all this is Veronica and my nickname is vVv or V! um...i love being the center of attention and my hobbies r volleyball, hockey, bein on aim, and basically talking or haning out with friends whenever and wherever! My birthday is December 8th and no i am not punk...im just kinda me and no im not a poser either! I've got blue eyes and im not gona say what my hair looks like cuz i can change it whenever and i might soon but it has been black, brown,brown with blonde streaks, and brown with red streaks. My favorite colors are black and pink like almost eveyone else but i also like blue n some green. Im like 5'3 but i think i stoped growing...No guyz im not prude and yes i am a girl lol! Uh...lets see what else is there to say...well i do have pets and my own room with a computer in it hehe...one of the best holodays ever is halloween and I hate Valentines Day for unstated reasons that a few ppl might know of...and i think thats about it but feel free to ask any questions i have failed to answer or put in my profile ok thanks! oh yea...i wouldnt consider myself that shy either!