Recipe for Wake-up Juice (All-nighter fuel)

  • 2 liters of Sun-Drop (Or Surge if you are in a Sun-Drop-deprived area)
  • One container of Kool-Aid powder (the 2-gallon size)

  • Place Sun-Drop in a clean, empty 3-liter bottle (preferably plastic, with a tight cap). It is critical that the beverage is cold. Funnel contents of container of Kool-aid powder into bottle. Cap tightly as soon as possible (it will fizz mightily, and you don't want it to go flat or spew all over the place.) Shake well, refrigerate for 45 minutes, and consume in large quantities.

    warning: not for use by the elderly, small children, or anyone who can't handle a really harsh sugar/caffeine jolt.
    Also: Probably not a good idea on an empty stomach (unless you like to boot.)
    Also: Use Tropical Punch Kool-Aid, if you can get it. Especially avoid the "Super Fruity" varieties, the lemonade, and basically anything tangy, as these are Considered Harmful.

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