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a. & n. from Wander, v.

Wandering albatross Zool., the great white albatross. See Illust. of Albatross. -- Wandering cell Physiol., an animal cell which possesses the power of spontaneous movement, as one of the white corpuscles of the blood. -- Wandering Jew Bot., any one of several creeping species of Tradescantia, which have alternate, pointed leaves, and a soft, herbaceous stem which roots freely at the joints. They are commonly cultivated in hanging baskets, window boxes, etc. -- Wandering kidney Med., a morbid condition in which one kidney, or, rarely, both kidneys, can be moved in certain directions; -- called also floating kidney, movable kidney. -- Wandering liver Med., a morbid condition of the liver, similar to wandering kidney. -- Wandering mouse Zool., the whitefooted, or deer, mouse. See Illust. of Mouse. -- Wandering spider Zool., any one of a tribe of spiders that wander about in search of their prey.


© Webster 1913.

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