Watching her dance, moving like liquid to that simple beat, I see in her the confidence that I always thought she so desperately lacked and deserved. It would seem that in letting the music take a handle upon her, she has finally forgotten the rest of the world. She has finally let go.

Her feet move, stepping precisely as her hips twist, and I can almost see the tethers unwinding from her body. She glides through the darkened room, alone. Her dress flows behind the movements of her arms and torso, like a brief and shimmering vapor trail. And finally, when the tethers have all pulled free, it is not she that floats away from the world, but the world that drops away beneath her feet. Until it is just her, dancing to the music, and of course she is confident. There is only her and the music, and they are one and the same. There is no one to be worried or self-conscious about. Not even me, standing in the doorway and smiling, laughing to myself at this incredible mystery that is woman.

She moved past me in a dance club as she walked to the dance floor. She wasn’t tall, blond, big-busted, or a typical model type. There was just something about her that drew my attention. She started to dance to a techno song which I can’t remember. I forgot what I was saying to my friends. I was entranced like one of those snake in a basket deals, you know where the guy plays the flute for the cobra? I was completely zoned out of reality watching her dance. She flowed with the song like she was a part of the music. So now I wish that I had talked to her after she finished, if at least to tell her how amazing I thought she was as she danced, but I don’t even know her name...

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