My leg hair grows so fast that I should just buy a lawnmover to get rid of it all. I try shaving, but to maintain the nice desirable smoothness I have to do it twice a day, and like I have the time or motivation for that. So as my last resort, I decided to turn to waxing. I thought I could handle it. I went to the store and looked at all my options, and decided that strips would be the easiest way to go. It was my only purchase, and the checker gave me a look of disdain and asked me why I felt I needed to torture myself at such a young age. I figured she was senile and didn't know that extraneous body hair on females was not considered attractive, so I bought the damn kit and went home to try it out.

Deluding myself into thinking this could be fun, I applied these infernal strips of wax to my helpless limbs and let her rip. There's nothing like the feeling and sound of having your hair literally ripped out of your skin. I thought maybe I could handle it, I was not a baby. But after a while, I wanted to start crying, namely because after about 20 of these strips I realized it wasnt even working. My legs were still moderately furry, but now they were red and raw and bumpy. I gave up, and have now decided to wear pants for the rest of my life and go au natural. So after this experiment, I not only have hairy disgusting legs, but I am forced to realize that people I think are senile are actually smarter than me. Figures.

Try having it done by a professional. It hurts less, it works better. It also costs more, but there you have it.

If waxing is done quickly and firmly by someone who is not every moment cringing in anticipation of pain (since it's not their own legs they're mutilating), it doesn't have to be excruciating, although of course it's still less than pleasant.

That said, not everyone I know finds female body hair offensive. I have met several men (and women) in my life who much prefer the natural silky feel of hair on shapely shins.

If you've been shaving for a while your hair will be coarse - I would suggest one good wax job in a salon, and then it will grow back softer and less prickly, and you can just leave it if you want.

Two more reasons for going to a professional the first time:

  1. The first time hurts the worst. Your hairs are well rooted; after the first time they will be weaker and easier to pull out.

  2. You can watch how they do it and have a good example to follow. That is, of course, if they know what they're doing. Just because a person does something for a living doesn't mean they're good at it. Get a recommendation.

The big thing I learned was baby powder. Put it on before the wax. It will save you from ripping your skin off. People's skins are different, and many people don't seem to need it. But if I don't use it, I end up tearing off some skin along with the hair.

Also, waxing won't work at all if your hairs are too short.

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