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Oh, wow.

Quotation from Math with Bad Drawings, a blog that I just love.

Sigh. I hate snobs, I am not that interested in competing (ok, cards, well, might as well shoot the moon if possible), I hate discrimination and my stupid and now deceased poor maternal Uncle would say EVERY TIME he saw me: "Did you know that a PhD is a Higher Degree than an MD?"

Uncle, hope you are happy in heaven, and I was very restrained because I never replied, "Yeah, Uncle, I really don't fucking care." Because I don't.

I also don't have good gaydar or whatever the fucking term is now a days because I don't care what gender you are. This week or next week. I could care less. I had a patient whose name started with J who I avoided pronouns with because I couldn't fucking remember if it was he to she or she to he and anyhow I DON'T CARE. My sister said that didn't I know that our English and History High School 11th grade two female teachers who lived together were lesbians? I DIDN'T NOTICE BECAUSE I COULD CARE LESS. Taint my business. Taint your business either, what I am doing with whom with what tools, where and how often. Unless I start a fucking blog to tell you. Which I might. Taint yo business which orafices we use either or if it's two or four or all eightyseven. Don't you wish YOU were a lizard? Fuckin' A.

And race. Who the fuck cares? I want to write human or homo sapiens (gay smart, right?) or part neandrathal so technically mixed race but once again, I do not fucking care. Get over the fucking categories.

Do something interesting. Invent a solar energy thing that means we all have computer power. When will I be able to beam to visit my son and verysoondaughterinlaw across the country, 3000+ miles away. Why aren't you working on that and poverty and clean water and what to do if the solar flares burn out every electrical whatever across the planet. That will certainly be interesting. Talk about disasters. Why aren't you raising money for oxygen concentrators for the countries with bad covid-19 or immunizing for polio or figuring out what to do about prions?

Get a fucking life, ok?

For SyFi Quest, since I am a fucking alien space lizard with eighty seven orafices. Or is it 88? Who wants to help me count?

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