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It has been said that "nice guys finish last", well i've never even had the chance to start and i'm already finished.

I don't drink and I don't do drugs. This somehow makes me less of a man. Even those who say they admire me for it deep down think less of me for it. Even if they truly don't, it will always feel that way to me because of how they act around me.

I don't like to conform, sometimes I do, it's not always possible to avoid it. I have nothing against drinking or certain drugs by themselves. However, when people use them to avoid reality that bothers me. An escape now and then isn't a bad thing, but to avoid it all together is another thing.

It is my experience that "people kick you when you're down". When your a nice guy this is even worse, people will kick you to the ground and stomp the life out of you.

Even when all I try to do is be friends with the girl she gets mad. I can't keep trying, and I realized that it hurts to much to keep trying. I can't even talk to her anymore, she assumes everything I say is an insult or mean comment. I ask how her day was and she assumes i'm trying to control her life and snaps at me or doesn't respond.

Well it is known that "the cool guys" will always beat the nice guys. They have something that women want, what?, lack of common sense and will power?

When a guy is trying to get you to the point where you'll let him fuck you anything can and will be said or done. If you want to know if in the end the guy can be responsible and not leave you for some shallow reason just think ahead a bit. If he is into drugs and drinking or partying all the time he likely isn't going to be too responsible or intelligent. Even if he is intelligent the drugs and drinking will soon take care of that.

For once just give the nice guy a chance, you'll likely be surprised and happy with what you find. They may be shy or skeptical of you at first, but remeber they've been stomped on their whole life and think it will always be that way.

I've always tried to be the nice guy. I like myself this way. People constantly pick at me and mock me for it but it gives me strength to know that i'm not like them. I don't have to do things to fit in, i'd rather not fit in than sell my soul just so I won't be lonely. Loneliness can be your worst enemy or your ally. Use it to strengthen your resolve never to become one of the shallow guys.

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