A long time ago, I used to drink whole milk all the time. I liked it. It was good. We even had a cool milkman that would leave our milk in nice glass bottles outside our door, and pick up our empty bottles.

Then my Mom switched to 2% grocery store milk. I like 2% too, and I've been drinking it for years. After not having whole milk for a long time, and drinking 2% for that duration, I've accepted 2% as my primary milk. 1% is a little too thin, and skim milk is just plain nasty. I've experimented with 1/2% milk, but I've found I can only drink Food Lion brand 1/2% milk and like it. Anyway, I stick with my 2%.

One day, after years and years of drinking 2% milk, I had some whole milk. It was terrible! I've found that I can't drink whole milk anymore, because it's so thick, and it gives me the impression that if I finish the glass, it'll kill me in a matter of minutes.

2% is good stuff. If you want to cut down your fat intake and you drink whole milk, I highly recommend switching to 2% milk. It's just good.

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