When you work, live, or play in an environment whose occupants have widely diversified tastes in music and audio, the only solution that will avoid bloodshed is headphones. With headphones everyone can listen to whatever they want, as loud as they want, and it won't interfere with your own listening pleasures.

The only problem with headphones is those damned little wires that tether your head to your audio setup. And when you have a rolling chair, this problem is multiplied tenfold! What if you roll across the room to pick up something? What if someone sneaks up on you and you jump out of your seat? Those little wires will insure that something bad happens to either your kit or your head. And nobody wants that.

And then wireless headphones entered the picture. Equipped with this empowering technology, you can wander all over the place without the restraint and annoyance of tangled wires. Simply put, wireless headphones keep you sane.

Wireless sets usually come with a base unit that plugs in to your audio source and a headset unit. The base unit most often has an ac adapter for power. The headset, being the actual wireless component, is powered by batteries. Wireless headphones can operate on radio frequencies or by infrared. 900 Mhz and 2.4 Ghz radio versions are available. The infrared versions are a bit cheaper but have less range and are obstructed by solid objects.

If you need discrete tunage, and you want freedom of movement, wireless headphones are the only way to go.

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