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Computer gamers have in the past and present, been mostly male. Thus, most computer games are geared towards men, or rather, adolescent boys with too much time and not enough social interaction.

Most of the women in computer games have disproportionately large breasts and display more cleavage than a pair of Playboy bunnies on a hot summer day. This is fine and dandy; it’s just pixels on a screen after all. If my S.O. wants to drool over a toon, he can go right ahead…while I sulk to myself in the corner.

However, when I, a female gamer, choose to play a game where I hack, slash and kill things, I don’t want to use the crack whore model; I don’t want to use the lusty nymphomaniac model; and I DON’T want to use the male I-OD’ed-on-steroids model. I mean, come on, the guy has more muscles than we medically have names for. Not to say that I don’t _like_ the bouncy jiggly breasts in Dead or Alive II - I just don’t want to be thought of as only a pair of bouncy jiggly boobs.

Is it right for my girl-bot to look LESS dressed when she’s in armor than when she’s in her underwear? Ohh I love to hop around like an underpaid trollop so bored guys can corner me and harass me for cheap cyber thrills. Give her some god damn armor to cover her naked ass when she's whopping some orc_01’s butt plz.

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