All right, if you're reading this you obviously have some interest in wrestling. Not WWF "I will eat your children's skin Giant-Hairy-Man" wrestling, but the improvised martial ballet that takes it's lineage from the sport of the mighty Greeks. It is a challenge of strength and stamina, but mostly of skill. Ready yourself, pilgrim, and read the basics of what will make you a legend in your own time. (Note, don't try this without proper training. Also, make sure you learn some more about wrestling first.)

Neutral Position (Graeco-Romans need not apply)
Double leg takedown: Face the opponent squarely. Drop to one knee while stepping forward quickly. Grab your opponent's waist and push him sideways with your head while pushing with your legs. Alternately, you can just lift him off the ground if you stay off on your knees. Don't let this happen to you. Chicks don't dig airborn men in spandex.

Single leg takedown: Follow the beginning steps of the double leg takedown, but only grab one leg. Then either pivot your opponent to the mat, or if you are tall, just keep lifting his leg until he falls over.

Sprawl: When the opponent shoots in to make a takedown place your hands at the juncture of his neck and back, kick your legs out backward, and hit the deck. Your opponent should be more or less immobilized. Do what you must, but try not to violate any morality laws in the process.

Pancake: This follows from a sprawl. Interlock your arms with your opponents with each arm facing a different up/down direction. Now flip your opponent in the direction of your downward-pointing arm. This transforms into a headlock.

Quarter Nelson: You pretty much just put your hand on your opponent's neck and force his face into the mat.

Headlock: Encircle one of your opponent's arms and his head with your arms. When he pushes forward roll him over your hip and follow it down into a pin.

Fireman's Carry: While grappling, Wait for the person to push forward. Then place one arm between his legs and place the other one around his neck. Roll him over your shoulders. If you do it right he should catch some air.

Yes, I sucked at grappling.

Starting on top (Breakdowns)
Arm Chop: Raise your arm. Bring it down on your opponents elbow. Make sure you hit the right side or your co-combatant's arm will snap like a dry twig.

Ball and Chain: Place your opponent's ankle inside of your knee joint. This effectively immobilizes him if you have strong legs or a big ass.

Three Quarter Nelson: Now that your opponent can't move, cut off his air supply. Make sure that you cut off the air supply that involves air, and not his supply to the corny eighties rock band. To do this you reach under his neck with both hands from one side and interlace your fingers on the back of his neck. Pull down. HARD This move can pin someone, or make them pass out. You should at least get a breakdown out of this.

Stretch: Grab the opponent's wrist and ankle on the same side. Pull. Apply weight to your opponent. Do you remember that horribly imbalanced end table your Great Aunt Tilly had? He'll look like that.

Leg scissor: Wrap your legs around your opponents midsection and squeeze. While you do not get bonus points if your opponent goes into convulsions, you will have an easier time through the rest of the match.

From the Bottom
Wing Roll: This is also called the Western roll or the Fatty Roll. Clamp your opponent's arm so that your body sits between his hand and his thorax. Then roll. This only works frequently if you and your opponent are both heavyweights or if your opponents all have a freakishly high center of gravity. It is so simple that it's effect can be devastating.

Stand up: Yes, it is that simple.

Sit Out and Turn In: I can't explain this one. You just have to do it a few times. However, I can warn you that if your opponent starts popping his legs out from underneath of you be ready for some crazy stuff.

I'll leave pinning your opponent up to you.

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