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If you are a serial killer, perhaps writing down the bones has some twisted, macabre meaning

or, if you are a bone collector and artist, the act means something symbolic and difficult to explain

except perhaps to other artists of a non-traditional nature.

Or, if you happen to be a med school student doing autopsies for extra income and education,

or family doctor, already in love with the use of Latin names, writing down the bones is vital

to your livelihood and the proper care of others.

Or you could be a budding forensic pathologist or archaeologist, where even tiny bits of bone

need cataloging and counting and writing down to solve the riddle of death.

Or, and here I'm guessing wildly, you might be a computer programmer and this phrase,

writing down the bones, has an entirely different meaning,

or if you perchance, play video games, there must exist a hidden level in which

writing down the bones ups your score or adds to your HP or your BP

or gives you special powers- I'm thinking Grand Theft Auto maybe.

Or perhaps you are a computer animation creator and writing down the bones,

and mapping them, overlapping them, adds realism, pixel by pixel.

You might be a first responder, a paramedic who rushes to car accidents or failed suicides,

or a policeman who answers domestic violence calls and as standard protocol, you must

check for broken bones, which sadly, falls into the category of writing down the bones.

I have probably left out, unintentionally, nurses and home health aides, veterinarians,

butchers, chefs, witches, and all of the other people on the planet who believe in writing

down the bones. It's a large world and I'm certain I missed several possible scenarios...

like authors, surgeons, soldiers, songwriters, students who take life drawing classes,

ski instructors, chiropractors and dog lovers, even housewives just trying to make a pot of stew

on a cold day. The potential for the list is endless, but when I think about it, without all of

the external diversions, we are all just skeletons underneath, with a brain writing down

the bones of a day, the bones of a week, the bones of a month, the bones of a lifetime.

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