The attempt-at-a-catchphrase uttered by Downtown Julie Brown at the end of each episode of MTV's Teen Dance Party Today! (or whatever the hell it was called). (Note: this was before Carson Daly becoming a fixture at Times Square with his Will Brownnose For Food shindig, and before the Eric Nies dancefest See My Abs? held the timeslot).

Ms. Downtown's veejayhood did not last long enough for "wubba wubba" to catch on -- so we were spared the possibility of lawsuits from the Hamburglar.

According to Ernie, "Wubba wubba" was what scary monsters under his bed in the dark would say. I remember Bert repeating this, slowly, in his nasal bleat: "Wub-ba" And then shaking his pointy, tufted head and telling Ernie to go (the hell) to sleep.

Sheep counting ensued...

Update -- Sesame Street now has a repeating bit called Monster Time, in which four very hyperactive and multicolored monsters sing "Wubba wubba" songs.

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