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Adults have to yell at their children, sometimes.
Too many people are afraid of hurting their kid's feelings and don't yell, or don't disipline them.

These are the kids that run around restaurants squealing. They are the kids that will walk up and hit people because they like the reactions it gets. They are the five year olds with bottles and a stroller because the parents can't handle the child's temper tantrums.

I hate disciplining at my kids. It hurts me so bad to see my daughter crying because I told her she couldn't have something she wanted.
"No, sweetie, you can't have cookies until you have eaten your dinner," is going to make her cry every time, even though she knows what the answer is before she asks.

I sometiimes yell at her, when she does things that are very bad.

  • Playing on the stairs. She's four and has fallen twice, so no more.
  • Hitting her brother. He is almost one, and can't hit back yet.
  • Disobeying. "NO! I said you do not leave our yard!"
It sucks. I know she wants to have fun, but good grown-ups start as good kids.

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