they had not yet rested on a moist tongue tip and there had been no sweet text flow, the sort that would lay out memories aching or, not, spill head content for those who could not were not there to feel it all. your world weary eyes and silently grumbling soul tend towards darkness, most always. not a productive shade of dark, though, just one that seeks to pull most everyone into saddest clouds and doubt.

try not to damage the new souls.

most probably, you were not read to as a child. maybe, you were and you did not understand why anyone else's words should mean anything to you at all. there is too much universe for you to take in on your own, without at least a little help truth being, you will need to see some things through the eyes of others. you can not drink in every flower or ride every train and you will never know all of the little secrets..

if the beauty does not scream out to you
and if it is not so painfully uniform,
you are going to have to learn quickly..
sometimes, you need to close your eyes to see.

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