A video by Radiohead.

Also neatly sums up some underlying concerns about personalization and the loss of privacy that implies. There's a really scary advertisement which IBM put out a while back: a room full of people arguing about a company and how poorly the company understood their needs, while researchers watch from behind a one way mirror. One of the people gets up and yells through the mirror "You don't understand us! You don't know anything about us!" as if that were a bad thing.

IBM would love to know all about you, and offer you a whole array of things which you'd love to buy, given your past choices. So would Safeway -- their card program remembers everything you buy, as was pointed out to the guy who tried to sue them for slipping in an aisle, only to be presented with a list of all the booze he'd bought from them over the years.

You have no privacy. Your social security number is public knowledge, as is your credit record, insurance and money. You are a consumer. Have a nice day.

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