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The phrase my grandma said to me in reference to the fact that I bled all over her car.

Story: I just went through the joy of having my wisdom teeth removed. It has been a full week and I am still in a tremendous amount of pain.

Anyhow, apparantly after the procedure we stopped by the local pharmacy to drop of my prescription for some good drugs. I was still out of it from the surgery, so she left me in the car while she ran inside. The pharmacist told her it would only take 10 minutes, so she decided to just wait.

Meanwhile, sitting in the car, I managed to drool all over the place. And because I just had all four wisdom teeth gently removed, that meant that I was drooling blood all over the place. All over my shirt, the seatbelt, everywhere.

Three days later she picked me up to run to the computer store to pick up a NIC card, and I saw the blood on the seatbelt. I asked her if it was from me. So she told me the above story, ending it with...

"You were so cute"
Author's Note: Since I wrote this node, I have had several people scheduled for Wisdom Teeth extractions quite worried /msging me. Do not fear the extraction - it is much better to have it done now than to wait until later. The later in life you wait, the worse it gets. See the Wisdom Teeth node for some other good stories.

And I seem to be an exception to the rule. Most people who are knocked out when the teeth are removed experience little pain afterwards. Most people who get just the injection seem to experience more. I dunno why. It may be that the people I talk to have gone to quacks. *shrug*

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