A fun party drink for those who need something non-alcoholic with some kick.

empty gallon jug
A lot of jello powder(depending on consistancy, three large (12 oz I think) boxes or 6 small ones)
A case of mountain dew
A large glass bowl

First, empty as much of the Dew into large glass bowl. Either simmer over oven or in a microwave until reduced to about 3/4 gallon in volume, adding more Dew as space becomes available. Pour into jug and add powder in small increments, stirring often, until about the consistancy of phlegm. Allow to cool until room temperature(or slightly warmer if it is a Halloween party:)

Depending on your caffiene tolerance, serves about 20 cups.

One can increase the amount of Dew for more "kick", but around 5 cases to the gallon, it becomes somewhat intoxicating. Also, do not store for more than a few days. It will become very icky but will be good for killing insects.
Converter, that's just neat... My own potion:)

Serum of Extreem Vigor
Description: This thick potion, also known as Zerth's Green Goo, has the extraordinary effect of increasing the consumers speed and reflexes. He gains a +4 haste bonus to AC, and can jump one and a half times as high as normal. This counts as an enhancement bonus.
This effect lasts for 24 hours, or until 20 rounds of strenous activity have been completed. During this time, the drinker is unable to fall asleep naturally, but is still prone to sleep effects.
Requirements: Caster Level: 5th; Prerequisites: haste; Market Price: 400 gp.
Special: This potion may be created using the Alchemy skill, with a DC of 20. At the DM's option, this check may be hidden from the player, and if failed by 5 or more points, results in the creation of a Poision of Too Much Caffeine.

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