Extraction of DXM from cough syrup

Foreword and disclaimer

Much information concerning DXM can be found in Everything2. Therefore I will not discuss generalities such as the effects or potential dangers involving DXM, but focus on the extraction process alone. There is another node called "agent lemon" concerning this process, but I find the method described below easier and quicker, although it is nearly identical to that producing Agent Lemon.

Important observations

Read the following nodes: DXM, Olney's lesions. Look at the DXM FAQ at Erowid. Consider their content carefully, sleep over it, and be very, very careful if you do decide to be stupid and slug the product of this process. Do not do this if you are already wasted, because you will fuck up. Do not take DXM if you are drunk, because you will vomit like an animal.

Materials and equipment

  • Cough syrup with DXM content of 3mg / ml (Robitussin Maximum Strength Cough)
  • Ammonia
  • Lighter fluid (Zippo, Ronsonol)
  • Ascorbic acid (That's Vitamin C); Agent Lemon tastes nasty because it uses citric acid
  • Two large Ziploc bags; a glass container; a large plastic bottle; a needle
  • Process

    It is advisable to do the below in a well-ventilated room.

  • Pour the cough suppressant (200ml), ammonia (at least 200ml), and lighter fluid in the plastic bottle
  • For several minutes, shake the bottle like there's no tomorrow
  • Wait until the layers have separated clearly (brownish and watery layer on the bottom; clear organic layer on top)
  • Pour the mixture in a Ziploc bag and let the layers separate
  • Use the needle to pinch a hole in the bottom of the plastic bag; let the bottom layer drain and dispose of it
  • Carefully collect all of the top layer in the glass container (a small amount of ammonia may still be present)
  • Mix one tablespoon of ascorbate to 1dl of lukewarm water (1tbsp / 1dl / 200ml)
  • Combine the ascorbate-water mixture and the liquid in the glass container, pour into a clean plastic bottle, and get epileptic on it for several minutes
  • Separate the layers again using a Ziploc bag, but this time collect the watery bottom layer
  • Boil the end-product for 5-7 minutes to rid it of any remnants of ammonia and lighter fluid
  • Let the substance cool; you're done
  • It might be a good idea to keep a refreshing drink nearby to wash out the taste. It is okay to have a beer (that means one beer) or an equivalent amount of alcohol with the DXM. Have some pot handy; nitrous oxide is also a blast with DXM.