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For Dearest Darlin' Noodles

After being irritated with that populous place for so long, we finally arrived to a lonely barren piece of land. The earth was cracked under the sun. It was dusk by then so it didn’t quite matter. The wind was getting cooler, and I can recall how that lean boy looked in that particular moment. He was tired from the entire running, all the fucking time. We were always running. Running from college authority, from back talk, from home, from anything that wouldn’t allow us together.

We stood there pointlessly looking for a place to rest, hopeful.

The initial plan was to run off to that hippie place, where rooms were cheap and privacy was not a big issue. How were we to imagine the bus driver would be drunk! After the bus broke down it was time to get our act together. Nevertheless we were running away from all those lunatic villagers who were chasing us for money. The disadvantage of being city kids they always take you to be dangerous trespassers.

Anyway so now we were here, with our plan crashed, in the middle of nowhere. I didn’t hate it, and I am pretty sure neither did he. Only it just hadn’t turned out how we wanted it to be. Our only articles of possession were a sleeping bag, and some cash. No water, no food and most definitely no energy.

That boy, with that audacious grin said “so, princess here we are what next?” as I stood there scanning the brown furze, seeking civilization somewhere and really pissed off.

In the settling night, something glowed pearly white. Wow so much for a solution. “Ah! Noodles isn’t that fantastic we are stranded here for fuck knows how long and look what we have, some dumbass piece of white furniture”.

That boy, he never stopped grinning, “Princess I wonder who in-name-of-the-great-fuck left it here” suddenly lifting me off my feet and kissing my lips. The things that grin made me do!

It was dark by now, and the clear night spotted with stars gleamed down upon us. That bench, pearly white beamed in the darkness. I remember it all clearly, very clearly, a sleeping bag, some money, no energy and a boy who grinned sexy.