Pleco is the common name for Hypostomus Plecostomus, a popular aquarium fish. The Pleco is a sucker mouthed catfish with a voracious appetite for algae.

Plecos come in a variety of colors and patterns, but they are all have bony plates covering their backs, and small, high set eyes. The body is elongated with a large head. They range in size from about 6 centimeters to about 45 centimeters.

Plecos are good aquarium fish, if you have room for them to grow. As mentioned above, they love to eat algae and will keep your aquarium spotless, altough they will eat your plants if not fed properly. They are good in groups or on their own, and will happily coexist with other fish species. Plecos are not overly active, spending most of their time hiding or stuck to the glass. It is important to provide them with plants and decorations to hide in. Plecos are hardy and easily adapt to differing water conditions.

Plecos originate from the Amazon and other rivers in South America.