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I mean, when I pour myself a bowl of cereal with the little marshmallow bits, I start attacking the marshmallows even before I add the milk. Then after I pour on some milk, I spend a lot of my time just fishing with my spoon through the bowl, trying to catch the marshmallows.

Then in the end, I'm left with a goofy grin and a bowl of plain cereal.

Now I don't want to eat that cereal, but I don't believe in wasting it, either. So I eat it anyway. See, now if they made a breakfast food comprised of JUST those little marshmallows, I'd be one happy camper. I wouldn't even add milk - just eat them like popcorn.

I suspect it would be about .00081% nutritional value, but I don't give a shit. Parents would, though, because their kids would turn into home-bound ICBMs.

Maybe I'll just buy four or five boxes of marshmallow cereal, take out the marshmallows, and give the cereal away. Yeah!