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I've been using Reddit to share some of our better content with the teeming masses.


  1. Find a favourite E2 node.
  2. Record its hit count.
  3. Find the Subreddit its subject matter speaks most to. Be careful; try not to 'spam' the same Subreddit you've chosen with more than one Everything2 link at a time and don't resubmit something if it quickly gets downvoted off the front page -- those are just the breaks.
  4. Submit link.
  5. Let simmer for a day or so, hopefully watch the link accrue upvotes and exposure on Reddit.
  6. Revisit hit count.

Round 1

Writeup Subreddit New HitsĀ 
The World's Shortest Horror Story /r/Horror 1189
Why there is no Moloch13 /r/creepy 128
When did you choose to be left-handed? /r/lgbt 658
Words that are supposedly untranslatable /r/language 82
The Lovecraftian compulsion to keep writing even as one is being devoured /r/Lovecraft **

New users for the month increased by 4 over the day, from 157 to 161. This doesn't seem statistically significant, so I doubt it's related. With over a thousand new hits for one writeup and over five-hundred for another, though, I'm counting this as a win!

It was nice seeing the discussion some of these articles generated -- looking back to our recent comment debate, this was a tantalizing look at what that might be like. I learned submitting to a smaller Subreddit is occasionally a better strategy, if only because they might be more 'attuned' to the content and it's less likely to get lost in the flood of submissions. The World's Shortest Horror Story received the warmest reception on Reddit itself, generating sixty upvotes. When did you choose to be left-handed? was second at 23. The rest were lower, in the tens. Some of them are still climbing. For example, /r/language is a small community and I expect Words that are supposedly untranslatable to steadily bring more people in over the course of the next 2-3 weeks.

Anyone want to beat my score?