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You would think that if someone had used computers since the age of four, they would be reasonably competent in shutting down a computer. AH, but there's a catch. I have been using Macs/Windoze machines all my life.

Start->Shut down->Turn off computer->Ok

Shutting down a Linux machine was something completely different (Red Hat 6.2, if you must know).

Ok, command line... this is ok, I mean, I'm good with DOS, I can do command line. Alright..

Ok, maybe not.
Let's just read these instructions.
Ok, I have to add the "-h" for "halt"
shutdown -h
Specify time? I want it to shutdown now! Let's try saying 0 minutes.
shutdown -h 0
Bloody heck!
I read the onscreen help a bit more
OH, I just have to type "now"!
shutdown -h now
Redhat does all its shutdown stuff, until it arrives at a point where it says "Power down". I shut it off.