Curiously, people seem to forget the album that got this band signed in the first place. The album was "Tormented" and was, to the best of my knowledge, self-released.

As Staind themselves tell it, Fred Durst took exceptional offense at the cover of "Tormented", which depicted all the things a self-pitying teen angsty onslaught should depict: a Bible with a dagger stabbed through it and a mutilated Barbie doll bleeding on it. Durst, being the good Christian writer of such insightful lyrics as "fuck you", couldn't stand this at all. He wanted Staind off the bill they were sharing. He even went as far as tossing the cd in Aaron Lewis' face.

That was before he saw them perform. After the show, he'd done a 180 (thanks NOTfnordian) and was ready to offer them a signing. The rest is history.

The album itself contains the following tracks:

  1. Tolerate
  2. Come Again
  3. Break
  4. Painful
  5. Nameless
  6. Mudshuvel
  7. See Thru
  8. Question?
  9. No One's Kind
  10. Self Destruct
  11. Four Walls
The album finishes with the sound of a gunshot.

Note the appearance of the track "Mudshuvel", which also makes a reappearance - complete with a spelling correction - on the follow-up album, "Dysfunction".