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Wow, the above write-up makes me wish I lived in England. It would seem the UK actually cares about who they give licenses to on the road. Anyway, in America, California, it is very different.

First,in order to get a learner's permit when you are atleast 15.5 years old, you must pass a simple 30 question law and traffic test. The test is entirely multiple choice and does not require you to know a whole lot about motorcycles, just how to ride one on the streets. The multiple choice test the DMV administers is completely ridiculous, full of vague and confusing questions.

For example:

When you drive into a lane of traffic from the curb what do you do?

A. Lean less than you would at high speeds.

B. Turn the handle-bars.

C. Lean with the motorcycle.

Obviously the correct answers are both A and C. However when I took this test I chose A and was marked wrong. The correct answer, according to the DMV, was C, lean with the motorcycle. Now first of all, when don't you lean with the motorcycle??!! The 30 question test is full of this kinda of crap.

Second, in order to get a class M1 license, a full blown motorcycle license, when you are 18, you must pass the motorcycle safety foundation's course, and pass a road test, either with a car or motorcycle. After that they will issue you an M1 license, and give you complete freedom to completely wheelie and trash the hell out of a cherry sportbike to your heart's content.