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Sometimes, art gets to you. It haunts you, it keeps you up at night. You can't get this song out of your head or that picture out of your mind.

You listen to gloomy music to elongate your gloomy mood, because dammit you're an artist, and you're gloomy, and you have a right to be.

However, even artists get tired of the melodrama sometimes. We all have our Mitch Taylor-side and our Chris Knight-side.

Being an artist is rigorous, tiring, and hard work.

Being a good craftsman can sometimes be a royal pain in the ass.

Sometimes, no matter how seriously we take ourselves, we just have to let go and dress up in a plastic black and white checkered dress and spiked heels the size of New Jersey and SOME DISCO-RED LIPSTICK AND A MONKEY AND A FEATHER BOA AND JUST DANCE DANCE DANCE!


Or some similar release. You know. Whatever.