Theme song:
If you're a human bein',
Take a break from the race.
Kick your shoes off your feet,
Take a load off your face.
We've got somethin' new
And we do it for you,
Everybody take your place!

Muppets Tonight!
(You're gonna see something different!)
Tonight's the night!
(You're gonna live in a different key)
We got a show for you
Guaranteed brand new!
Here come the Muppets Tonight!

We got a show for you
Guaranteed brand new!
Here come the Muppets,
Here come the Muppets,
Here come the Muppets Tonight!

Muppets Tonight! was an (unfortunately) short-lived, updated version of The Muppet Show. It was basically the same as the old Muppet Show, with a show-within-a-show format, musical numbers, skits where the Muppets do various strange things, and a special celebrity guest star. Since it was the 90s, there were a few minor changes :

1. Instead of Kermit the Frog as the host, they had a vaguely Rastafarian Muppet named Clifford hosting the show. I bet a lot of diehard Muppet fans will compare Cliff (who had to work with such corny dialogue such as "This is Clifford, your homey made of foamy) unfavorably to other Muppets, but come on! How can anyone compare to Kermit the effing Frog? But I digress...
There were also some other relatively new characters, such as Pepe the Prawn and his elephantine sidekick Seymour, and Bill the Bubblehead (whose catch phrase was "Hi, I'm Bill! Bubbles come out of my head!", followed thereafter by demonstrating his unique talents).
2. The show took place in a TV studio (KMUP) instead of an old vaudeville theater.
3. Statler and Waldorf, the old guys named after famous hotels and known for heckling Fozzie Bear, had moved into a rest home and mocked the show as they watched it on TV.

The show retained much of the old Muppet charm, even with such new celebrity stars as Sandra Bullock, Jason Alexander, and Rick Moranis (who managed to go through the whole episode he was in and only make one "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" reference).

My personal favorite episode was the one with Sandra Bullock. It not only had a new and interesting version of the "Mahna Mahna" number from the Muppet Show, but also featured a subplot parodying the movie Speed, where an evil Muppet (and no, it wasn't Bert) threatened to blow up the studio if the ratings fell below 50.


The Mad Bomber Muppet in question turned out to be (gasp!) Sandra, who perpetrated the hoax in order to motivate the rest of the cast.