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Every few days, since I've gotten air conditioning and keep the windows closed, I come home to find a few dozen flies buzzing around in my house.

I can't for the life of me figure out where they are coming from, they used to fly only around the windows and front door.

Needing to protect my castle, I grab my handy dishtowel, spin it to a whip-like tail, and blood spills. After some practice, I became quite good at it. On occasion, I could pick them out of the air this way.

This is all starting to change. I believe that with the windows closed, I'm dealing with multiple generations of the same gene pool. This is evident by rapid increases in speed, strength, and intelligence.

Early on, a single thwap from the towel would easily render them, well, dead. Nowadays, three or four, followed by a good stepping on is required. They also seem to be more aware of my presence as I near the window, clutching my towel-o-fury, they now seem to be playing chicken with me. The speed alone, regardless of the recently acquired evasive tactics, has made the "out of the air" trick impossible.

The worst part of it: yesterday, I think I heard a few of them laughing at me.