I'm pretty sure you wanted to leave a legacy.

All of us do. I think every human would like to leave knowing that in some way or another they have touched another human being's life. Or left something behind for every generation to remember them by.

You left many legacies behind. You left many things in the past. Yet, above all, you managed to bring us together. The celebration of your future turned into the celebration of your past. The small group that was going to be there turned into the amazingly large family that was. We cherised the memories and waxed nostalgia, and gave hugs and kisses and thoughts and dreams and everything that was and everything that will be.

And then they were gone.

Now I sit here with you. Thirty-Seven years packed into 6"x14"x5" and a phone call. The phone call from my doctor who said that they needed to see me. High liver enzyme count. The knowledge that what you had was not good. It could be fixed, but was not was I was planning on having to deal with. Wondering if it could affect others. Wondering how it could affect mine.

All I ever needed was to tell you I loved you. And I am thankful that I got that opportunity. And the one thing I wanted was to know you were Ok. I never thought that I would know you were Ok like this, but I guess that sometimes I don't know it all. But to have been able to hold you, to see you happy, to see everyone come together for you, for YOU...I couldn't have asked for any better. Thank you for everything, and I can't wait to see you again.

Love very much,
Your son