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An intriguingly inscrutable adversary from the webcomic serial strip Sluggy Freelance.

She is never seen outside of her costume: a strange looking purple mask with downward-poiting 'horns' and a very tight purple bodysuit. Or, one rather surreal occasion, a Hello Kitty outift. She appears to hold some position of considerable power within the ranks of HertiCorp, but more within the capacity of 'cheif trouble-eraser' than as a giver of orders. Anything more than that is a big fat mystery.

She first swaggered into prominence in the chapter 'Not A Good Idea' from The Bug, the Witch, and the Robot, fighting the supposedly invincible Oasis to a standstill and gloating that she 'didn't understand anything' (oh, and referring to her as a sister) before leaving her to die.

Normally taciturn and direct (think of a female Darth Vader), she seems driven by an irrational obsession to prove her 'superiority' over her 'sister'. Proving as much may be difficult, though, since the second time they met, Oasis decapitated her before she even had time to react.

Since then, another character with an identical costume, weapons and mannerisms has resurfaced within HertiCorp. Whether this 'replacement Kusari' is a different character taking up her role, or the original article returned from death by some sinister means, remains a mystery.

Her name (literally: 'chains') is presumed to be a reference to her weapon of choice, the kusari-gama.