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Fume is also a graffiti artist based in London. If you take a train (underground or overground) from Paddington Station and head west you will find several instances of the word 'Fume' painted over the walls and fittings around the railway, all the way out to Ealing Broadway.

The most impressive is a small logo painted right at the very top of a ten-story building. Fume's logos (not so much logos, as signatures) also appear north of Kilburn Park on the Bakerloo line.

Fume's most well-known logo is roughly twenty feet wide and painted on the Westway. You can see it on your left as you approach Royal Oak station, just outside Paddington. He, or she, seems to concentrate on West London. Like Banksy, his or her identity does not appear to be publicly known; and it is entirely possible that 'Fume' is a front for several people (there does not appear to be a consistent style).