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So may the sunrise bring hope where it once was forgotten

/me misses Hermetic

Projects: E2 political compass, Good Friday Agreement and a not very accurate census taken every year since 2001... I am a member of E2Science agus nódóirí. My first contribution as a venerable member of the former is plasma physics.

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Some gigs I attended.

  1. The Stone Roses at Parc Ui Caoimh, Cork
  2. The Manic Street Preachers at Sir Henry's, Cork
  3. Mercury Rev five times. At Sir Henry's and the Savoy in Cork , in Oxford at Brookes University and the Zodiac and in London at the Forum and at the Astoria
  4. The Flaming Lips supporting Mercury Rev at Oxford Brookes Uni. What a revelation. I didn't know who they were during their set which featured a large cymbal, a puppet nun and Vietnam footage.
  5. Sparklehorse at the Zodiac, Oxford
  6. Placebo at the Zodiac
  7. At the Reading festival in 1999 I remember seeing Pavement, SixbySeven, the Webb Brothers, ummm.
  8. I attended the Truck Festival in 1999 and 2000 though band names elude me at present apart from Rock of Travolta. I also saw Saloon an excellent new band from Reading. I think there were five in the band. A girl on violin and one on keyboard. They topped Peels Festive fifty this year (2002).
  9. Snow Patrol, at Brookes Uni and at the Zodiac. They supported Ash at Brookes and in the interval a bloke congratulated me on my performance. Perhaps I should have signed an autograph! The Zodiac gig was a small affair in the downstairs section. They were supported by Moonkat and Meanwhile back in Communist Russia.
  10. Gemma Hayes (6/8/2002) at the Zodiac. The girl from Tipperary sings with a country lilt but the music is accessible to an Indie audience. Shes cute too!
  11. Martin Grech (Feb 2003) at the Zodiac. This guy has an individual style of singing. It seems to reach the desired notes he must contort himself every which way. Bends era Radiohead mixed with Jeff Buckley. There were a few stand out tracks.
  12. Smog supported by Nina Hynes and Yo La Tengo supported by M Ward at the Half Moon Club in Cork (over a weekend in May 2003). M Ward standout track Carolina sings with a raspy voice and Dylan-like in appearance and in musical style he left an impression.
  13. Querelle and support (July 2003) at the Cellar, Oxford. I'm unclear on the names of the two support acts. The first consisted of two shy girls on bass and guitar with a guy on drums. They played instrumental prog rock in the manner of Rock of Travolta. They never really engaged the audience (of about 25 people in this small venue) but they are only young. The second support band were more active, jumping about the stage and the like. Again, an instrumental band but their music commanded more attention due to its energy. Querelle are a class act. They are Italian and include a singer with perfect indie god looks (cheekbones, skinny etc), his sister on bass was the stoic foil to his posturings. And then theres the drummer. Her paroxyms behind the kit were amazing. Her face contorted in a manner reminiscent of, well, I think drumming is her sex. Anyway, the band recall Sonic Youth almost too much sometimes. Definitely worth catching this band.
  14. The Hells New Years Eve 2003, Buffalo Bar, London. This was an Artrocker event, the first I've been to even tho I've received their emails for over a year. A Japanese band like crazed Hendrix fans opened. The Hells then took to the stage and we were at the front. The Hells consist of a sexy girl singer/strummer and a guy on guitar backed by an imported (I think) drummer. They are raw and rock in a Yeah Yeah Yeahs kind of way. The girl Hell was sexy and had a fringe completely covering her eyes. The best song of the night was 'Hes the devil but I love him so'. Anyway, this was a brilliant performance and I bet this band will have a good 2004.
  15. Six by SevenFebruary 2005, Zodiac, Oxford. I have an album of theirs from a few years back, from their heyday. They had an unusual, dark slant on rock. However, their new stuff is much brighter (athougth lyrically perhaps not). I was not blown away by tonights performance. The band has shrunken from 5 to a threepiece. The audience had shrunken substantially too, which made me feel like we were there for the nostalgia, the glory years....our glory years. The support band, The Workhouse, a largely instrumental affair, impressed me with a few of their tracks. They are influenced by the likes of Mogwai and Godspeed you Black Emperor. I went out and bought their album The End of the Pier on the back of tonight's performance. They were the last band to record a Peel Session.
  16. The Shins November 2007, Club Quattro, Tokyo. I was in Tokyo for one night and was delighted to notice that the Shins were playing in a little venue in the Shibuya district. It was a very good gig, I particularly liked the renditions of "Saint Simon" and "New Slang". There were balloons bearing the bands name floating around the place and they gave a decently long encore.
  17. Fight like Apes, sometime around Christmas 2007, Cypress Avenue, Cork. This is a great Dublin band - punkish and original. The vocalist puts everything into her performances. I predict great things for them.

Physics stuff I've noded


permittivity,electric flux density, Polarization, Dielectric, electric field, magnetic field, cyclotron frequency, electrical conductivity, magnetic susceptibility, Ferromagnetic, permeability, Biot-Savart Law,vector potential,Larmor radius,Electric field energy density, Magnetic field energy density, Poynting vector,voltage

plasma physics

magnetic confinement, motional stark effect, magnetohydrodynamics, fusion reactions, Lawson Criterion, plasma ignition, neutral beam heating, sunspot, solar prominence, ohmic heating, radio frequency heating, plasma heating, safety factor, equations of magnetohydrodynamics,tokamak magnetic equilibrium,bootstrap current,energy confinement in a tokamak plasma,Fokker-Planck equation,magnetic diffusion equation

Accelerator Physics

magnetic rigidity

Other physics nodes

conservative system, kinetic energy, Galilean transformation, Lorentz transformation, Vlasov equation, fluid equations,Fine-Structure Constant, surface tension

I'm not well travelled. Here's where I've been. Athens, Paris, Florence , Tenerife, Paros and Antiparos, Ios, San Francisco, New York, Santorini, Madrid, Marseilles, Rome and Berlin. Places in the UK visited so far include Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff and Glasgow.

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There are few things cooler in this world that logging onto E2 and finding that your w/u is occupying the Cream of Cool. Millions (OK hundreds) of people logging into E2 will read your work (or at least the first bit). My way of saying thanks for the C! is to list you all (with the number of C!s you've bestowed upon my work). Its a weird and wonderful cacophony of names...

  1. Gritchka, ryano 12C!
  2. legbagede 7C!
  3. bol,aneurin, Tem42 4C!
  4. dmd, Gamaliel, NothingLasts4ever 3C!
  5. anotherone, General Wesc, gnarl, jessicapierce, Lord Omar, Professor Pi, ReiToei, RubenAzarja, Soberty, taschenrecher, Teiresias
  6. themusic, gnarl, nine9, Chihuahua Grub, TheLady, bozon, sunhill, Cletus the Foetus, Templeton, Shoegazer, donfreenut, Amoeba Protozoa, mkb, Robinspoon, pokey, hramyaegr, Jay Bonci, Electricsound, Uberfetus, JudyT, geeklizard, TheAlchemist, danlowlite, drummergrrl, WWWWolf, N-Wing, kto9, liveforever, dem bones, Gorgonzola, jakohn, eliane, Cethiesus, gn0sis, team Jet-Poop, mauler, Pseudo Intellectual, someguy, umguam, afk2000, InfiniteBurn, novalis, m_turner, ariels, piq, hodgepodge, Lucy-S,drownzsurf, momomom, Tiefling,NinjaPenguin,mr100percent, borgo, kalkin, dann, SharQ, halspal,sekicho,amnesiac 1C!

Stuff of mine I'm particulary proud of and would like to boast manically about in the safety of my h/n....optical telegraph, plasma physics, permeability, the glorious revolution of 1688 and Clovis. I have three write ups in editor cooled nodes Blade Runner,Cork and one other I can't recall.