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A terrible movie starring several professional wrestlers, including Hulk Hogan. Made in 1998, it was called the "First ever TNT Nitro Original" in the many commercials for it on TNT. Another often repeated line from the commercials was "On their final mission, they were betrayed".

The movie began with Hulk Hogan leading an attack against terrorists on some tropical island. Most of the time in that scene was spent showing one of the other professional wrestlers in the movie shooting a lot of people with his extremely large machine gun. Apparently this was their "final mission", as a member of their team betrays them. That eventually results in the team of US Olympic Gymnasts being kidnapped by terrorists and taken to Devil's Island, where they are rescued by Hulk Hogan after several long, strange fight scenes.

This movie went out of it's way to shoot loud guns and blow up bombs more than any other movie I've ever seen. At one part, someone set up bombs on a series of stone pillars then started running by them, setting each one off with a remote control as he ran past it. It may have looked interesting to someone glancing at it, but made no sense at all considering that there was no one near the bombs besides the guy setting them off, and you could see that the pillars the bombs were attached to were not destroyed.

As I haven't watched TNT for a long time, I can only hope that this was also the last ever TNT Nitro Original. It was a movie so amazingly bad that it was really funny at some points. A certain noder recorded it but unfortunately lost the tape, so I'll probably never see this movie again.