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So this is where I write about myself and you get to know more about me, or I'm assuming that's why you clicked on my name.

I'm a Canadian citizen, born and raised, though my background is mostly Scottish, English and French. I have the freckles, but somewhere in my bloodline the brown-eyed-gene appeared, which is something I often wonder about.

I'm the sort of woman who daydreams of entrepreneurship while sitting in a deep purple chair next to a bright lamp, cup of coffee in one hand and a book folded half-forgotten against folded legs, eyes staring into space while a cat meows and scratches the electrical outlets. A beige and brown fabric purse covered in pockets hangs on a hook beside the apartment door. The top of the fridge is covered with clean empty jars that once held peanut butter, pasta, and salsa. Each area of the room has at least one plant, except for the bathroom. There's usually a coffee mug filled with day-old cold coffee randomly placed somewhere.

Most of my writings are personal logs, as I tend towards introspection.

Current and future writings will hopefully change as life changes.

As for normal stuff about me, I enjoy plants, cooking, psychology, food science, retro video games, and biking.

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