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I feel like i have to add something here.
I've had some girlfriends over the years, some one-night-stands, and many, many disappointments. And if you ask me, feeling much too old and a bit wiser than i would like myself to be, it's just that for sure you never can tell.
It is quite simple about us guys, maybe, were just too simple-minded, but if a guy wants to kiss a girl, the girl knows it instinctivly. Every other person 'round knows it, if he or she looks over to him.
But for the girls, it's not that simple. Everything mentioned above can be a sign that she wants to be kissed, but theres a fifty percent chance that she does not want it and is just a nice, cute (read: bitchy, man-murdering, soul-raping) person, which directly explains why every attempt to kiss her will lead direct to disaster.
I've been in this situation for at least 4 times, and wish i would have never been.
It's all in the hands of fate...