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Stretch. Grow. Poke.
I Test therefore stuff breaks.
Doin' 60 on the Mobius Strip.
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The assignment above the box "User's Bio:" daunts me... so rather than describe myself inside this little square I'll tell you what I'm up to now and let you figure the rest out.

The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind.
Don't read it. Really, it's not worth starting, you just have to finish... Juxtaposition - Piers Anthony
The author can never resist going back to puns...
Thank You for Smoking - Christopher Buckley

Listening to:
Let it Be... Naked The Beatles

Watching (on TV):
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Really Watching:
My 1.5 year old as he stares just to the left of (fill in latest thing0, or maybe (other thing). Why always to the left?

Note: When the nurses saw him for the first time they called him "a burly boy", making his Father oddly happy.

On further reflection I've realized my Newb status here is made so much more obvious by my little bio. To really fit in I'll need to add:
Bad poetry
sexual advances rated pg-13
Something to make me look all Artsy

The best words (to be collected here for all time:)):
Apagogical -- I dare ya to use it in a sentence without sounding full of yourself. Go on. Try. :)

mitzi. ac_hyper. ocelotbob. and those other two.